Wednesday 31 August 2011

Before the 34th week of your pregnancy

If you decide to donate umbilical cord blood ,talk with your doctor about your decision.

  • Firstly, you will find out where you want to donate the umbilical cord blood?

  • If your hospital collects the umbilical cord blood for donation than you will confirm that your hospital is listed.

  • If your hospital is listed than contact the public bank. If it will listed, public bank works with your hospital.

  • The cord blood bank will confirm that you will able to donate cord blood or not.

  • If there is no problem they give you a consent form to complete.

  • If any reason your hospital is not listed than you can see the Cord Blood FAQs.

  • Cord Blood FAQs will give you the options how you may be able to donate the cord blood

  • After accepted your cord blood donation to be used as part of the NM DP's research study. After the research study on cord blood transplantation it outcomes to help amend transplant results for patients.

When you are in the hospital

When you come to the hospital you tell the doctor or nurse that you are donating umbilical cord blood. After the baby birth the umbilical cord is clinched. The umbilical cord blood and placenta

is collected into the infertile bag. Than the sample of your blood, not your baby, is tested that blood is safe, not any infectious disease. After your baby's birth, within two days the cord blood unit is delivered to the public cord blood bank.

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