Sunday 28 August 2011

Why should we Save Cord Blood?

After the birth of a baby, the umbilical cord and placenta are generally castoff. However, both of these are crammed with valuable cord blood stem cells, which can be used in the treatment of a diverse variety of diseases. In short, saving cord blood stem cells could help to save our lives.
Conventionally, bone marrow transplantation has been used to treat many of the conditions that can also be treated with cord blood stem cells. Though, with bone marrow it is necessary to find a perfect match between the donor and the recipient. This makes it far harder to find a suitable match and increases the chances of denial. Cord blood stem cells, however, are very young and adaptable cells, and these have a far greater chance of being accepted, as they do not have to be a perfect match.
The other problem with bone marrow use is that before a transplant can be considered, a suitable donor has to be found. As this donor has to provide a perfect match, it can be a very difficult and laborious to find the right person. In many cases, a transplant is required instantly, and by the time a suitable donor is found it is often too late for the patient. Cord blood stem calls, still, can be piled and anytime available when patient required .The availability of cord blood stem cells, coupled with the increased chances of receiving, it means these cells could be save many lives.
GVHD (Graft VS Host Disease) is a condition where the recipient’s is rejected by the transplanted stem cells or bone marrow. This is a common existence and sadly proves incurable for many. Cord blood stem cells, however, do not have to be a perfect match and therefore the risk of this elimination is intensely condensed.
 When we save the cord blood stem cells after the birth of yours baby it could not only help others, but could also prove dynamic to your own family in coming years. By funding these cord blood stem cells, you have the peace of mind that should any member of the family involved in a serious accident or bond with a condition that requires a stem cell transplant. 


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